Who is the decedent?
We've reserved a spot for your remains in our lab!

We will mail a collection kit to retrieve your loved one's ashes when we are ready to begin processing.

Current mail time is 8 weeks to ship collection list

Processing Start Date

Estimated Completion Date

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Step 1

Step 1

We send a collection kit to retrieve your loved one’s ashes.

Step 2

Step 2

You send your loved one’s ashes to our lab.

Step 3

Step 3

We solidify the ashes into "stones."

Step 4

Step 4

We ship your loved one’s solidified remains home.

What color will your "stones" be?

The appearance of each collection is 100% natural.
Everyone is unique, resulting in different shapes, textures, and colors.

What color will your

Frequently Asked Questions

The average person is 40-80+ stones. The exact number of stones returned depends on the volume of remains provided. A good rule of thumb is that we will return a similar volume of solidified remains’ stones as the volume of ashes that we receive. In other words, 1 quart of ashes will return about 1 quart of stones.
No, each person’s remains are the unique result of our solidification process. The number, shape, color, and size of the stones vary from person to person.We cannot accommodate any customization requests.
The solidification lead time varies depending on our current order volume. For new orders, our current estimated wait time to begin the process is 1 weeks and our current estimated completion date for orders placed today is 98 days. We recommend placing your order as soon as possible to reserve your spot in line.
We always prioritize the safekeeping of the decedents in our care over speed.
Yes. We accept alkaline hydrolysis remains, also known as “water cremation” or “Aquamation,” for both pets and people. Please indicate in your order notes if your loved one or pet’s disposition method was alkaline hydrolysis.
1. We mail a collection kit to retrieve 100% of your loved one’s cremated remains.
2. We remove impurities like metals and implants.
3. The ash is turned into a clay-like material, and the stones are formed.
4. The remains are heated in a kiln, solidifying the ashes into stones.
5. Finished solidified remains are polished and returned home.
Yes! Solidified remains are perfect for scattering comfortably without the mess of conventional ashes.
No, solidified remains are similar to ceramic, and they will not dissolve in water. The stones are perfect for memorial gardens or scattering.
Solidified remains are a complete alternative to conventional ash and we encourage families to send the full amount of remains available. We need a minimum of ¼ cup of ash for the solidification process.

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