Who is the decedent?
Card that comes with your stones
In memory of
John Doe
About how much ash will we be receiving?
1/4 Cup (Minimum)
This doesn't have to be exact.
We've reserved a spot for your remains in our lab!

We will mail a collection kit to retrieve your loved one's ashes when we are ready to begin processing.

We expect to ship your collection kit in 1 weeks.

Collection Kit
Ship Date

This is the date we expect to ship your collection kit to retrieve your loved one’s remains. If you take longer than 1 week to return the kit to us, then the Completion Date may be delayed.


This is the date we expect to ship your loved one home to you. This date may change based on the volume of orders we are processing at a given time.

*Sent USPS Priority Express

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the size, shape, number, texture, color, etc., is determined by many factors that are out of our control. Each set of remains is unique to the individual.
No, but we recommend that you do. Solidified remains are not a product. They are a new form of remains. You can scatter the stones, keep them in a container, and share them just like “ashes.” That said, you can send a partial amount - a minimum of 1/4 cup. We do not offer discounts for partial amounts of remains.
No, we do not offer discounts for partial amounts of remains because we charge for the process, not the quantity. Our process is designed to solidify the full amount of remains.
From the time we receive the ashes, the solidification process takes 8 weeks. Depending on our volume of orders at a given time, we may have a wait time before we send a collection kit to retrieve your loved one’s remains for processing. Our priority is the safety of your loved one, and we will always prioritize this over speed.
We add a small amount of natural binder to the remains to help the stones solidify during our process.
You can reach customer service by email at support@partingstone.com, by using the chat on the website, or by phone at 505-772-0634. Our office hours are M-F 8am-4pm MT.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the solidification process varies from person-to-person in the number, shape, color, and size of "stones" produced.
The solidification process typically takes 6 weeks from when we receive the ashes at our lab. At times, we have a waitlist of orders and you will be notified of the current wait time before checking out on our website. Our priority is to successfully return beautiful "stones" to each customer and sometimes that takes extra time.
We are proudly in the early stages of accepting and processing alkaline hydrolysis remains into solidified remains. If you are interested in sending alkaline hydrolysis remains for solidification, please contact our Customer Support team.
The entire solidification process looks like making ceramics in a laboratory. Once the remains arrive at our lab, we remove contaminants and refine the ash then create a clay-like material. From there, we form, solidify in a kiln, and polish the "stones" before returning them to you. You can see a fun animation of the whole process on our homepage here.
Yes. Solidified remains act like real stones so if you keep them outside or scatter, they will be there a long time.