Who is the decedent?
Card that comes with your stones
In memory of
John Doe
What type of container will you send the ashes in?
A Box
An Urn
A Bag
We do not return urns. There is a $35 shipping fee to get urn returned.
About how much ash will we be receiving?
1/4 Cup (Minimum)
This doesn't have to be exact.
We've reserved a spot for your remains in our lab!

We will send a collection kit to retrieve your remains 1 week in advance of your reservation.

We will be ready to begin processing in:

2 Weeks

Once we receive your ashes, processing time is:

4 Weeks

Step 1

Step 1

We send a collection kit to retrieve your ashes.

Step 2

Step 2

You send your ashes to our lab in an urn, box, or bag.

Step 3

Step 3

We solidify the ashes into stones.

Step 4

Step 4

Your stones are returned home in the mail

Frequently Asked Questions

About 5-7 stones.
No, the solidification process varies from person-to-person in the number, shape, color, and size of stones produced.
The solidification process typically takes 3 weeks from when we receive the ashes at our lab. Depending on our backlog of orders, there is sometimes a processing time wait period before we send the collection kit to retrieve your cremated remains. We will tell you the current processing time before you checkout. Our priority is to successfully return beautiful stones to each customer and sometimes that takes extra time.
The entire solidification process looks like making ceramics in a science lab. Once you place an order, we send a collection kit to your location to retrieve your ashes. Once the remains arrive at our lab, we remove contaminants, refine them into a powder, and turn the refined ash into a clay-like material. From there, we craft the stones, solidify the stones in a kiln, and polish them before returning them to you. You can see a fun animation of the whole process on our homepage here.
Yes. Keep in mind that solidified remains act like real stones so if you keep them outside or scatter, they will stay there a long time.