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We beleive cremation should be more than a convenient form of disposition.

People who live with cremated remains desperately want to feel a connection with them, but they can’t. Instead, they fear spilling them, they get chills worrying about touching exposed ash, and they’re even afraid to look at cremated remains because seeing the bone fragments conjures violent images of the cremation process. In their hearts people want to cherish the remains of their loved ones and pets but they feel frustrated because they don't know what to do with them. As a result, cremated remains are hidden away for decades in closets, basements, and garages. And the ashes begin to feel meaningless.

We thought this relationship was tragic.

How do solidified remains relate to grief?

The idea for solidified remains was inspired by the Continued Bonds theory of grief. This theory questions linear models of grief that lead to conclusions like acceptance or detachment and often view a continued bond with our departed as pathological.

Parting Stone believes that death is the end of a life, not a relationship. We thought that the significance embodied in the essence our loved ones could be a profound tool for continuing bonds, but we noticed that forming connections with cremated remains was rare. We designed Parting Stone solidified remains so they can be held and cherished without the typical mess and discomfort of ash. It is our hope that for the right person solidified remains can be a meaningful tool for helping continue a bond with a loved one.

For more information about Continued Bonds see the 1996 book by Klass, Silverman, and Nickman called Continuing Bonds: New Understandings of Grief.

Solidified remains are a new form of human and pet remains. Instead of receiving ash following cremation, you can now receive stone-like remains.

Solidified remains are the full amount of human or animal remains in a solid and clean form. With Parting Stone’s technology, you can now receive a collection of stone-like remains following cremation.

What are the solidified remains like? Each set of solidified remains is different and varies in color, texture, shape, size, and number of "stones". Solidified remains are about as hard as real stones and will not disintegrate in water.

The color of the solidified remains is 100% natural. Many collections come out white or a hue of blue or green, but we often find radical variations like chocolate brown, lavender, honey, or blue speckles. Each individual solidified remain varies in size of your thumbnail up to the size of your palm.

What do people do with solidified remains? We find that solidified remains are commonly shared with friends and family. Some people choose to carry them with them, and others leave them around in meaningful places. We have been repeatedly told that our customers take their solidified remains stones to therapy. Having remains in a beautiful and clean form allows you to feel comfortable interacting with your departed.

Our solidification process involves milling, forming, firing, and polishing...

Online Process When we receive an order online we send the customer a collection kit with everything they need to get their ashes shipped safely to the Parting Stone Lab. The kit includes instructions, pre-paid shipping labels, and USPS-compliant cremated remains packaging.

When we receive the cremated remains at our lab, we start the process by removing foreign contaminants like staples, screws, and medical implants. The ash is refined, turned into a clay-like material, a small amount of binder is added, and stone-like shapes are formed. Next, they are fired in a kiln giving the solidified remains their hardness and permanence. Finally, solidified remains are cleaned, polished, and returned home. 

Parting Stone’s solidified remains technology is patent pending.

Funeral Home Process When an at-need order is placed for solidified remains, we work directly with the funeral home to get the remains shipped to our lab following the cremation. The remains are solidified and returned to the funeral home where the family can pick up their loved one. Families who choose solidified remains at the time of death never see the ashes.

LANL Grant In January 2018, Parting Stone was awarded an NMSBA grant that provided technology development assistance from the brilliant scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory. This award provided Parting Stone with the expertise, facilities, and funding to develop the solidified remains technology.

Seed Investment Parting Stone raised a seed investment round of $500,000 to bring the solidified remains service to market.

The Parting Stone Lab is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The solidification service is available now on our website and in select retail locations nation-wide.

Who is buying Parting Stone’s solidification service? There are 20 million people in the U.S currently living with cremated remains. For many of these people, the ashes of their loved ones and pets are hidden away in their homes. - People don't know what to do with the ashes of their departed. Solidified remains help people feel connection with the remains of their loved ones and pets.

Who are the current Retailers? We are working with select retailers inside and outside of the death care industry who are offering Parting Stone’s solidification service to their customers. 

Who is Parting Stone? Many people just see cremation as a convenient form of disposition. Parting Stone sees it as a platform for healing, growth, and engagement. Our team operates with the highest level of integrity while indulging in imagination and play. We are a group of creatives inspired by empathy and we are passionate about designing gateways to meaningful experiences. Everyday we feel grateful to work in an environment with a palpable sense of purpose and vision. We are witnessing the beginning of a death movement away from the limitations of traditional funeral solutions. Parting Stone is mobilizing in this unique moment to create a new foundation for an inspired future for death and dying.

Who is the Founder? Justin Crowe is the founder of Parting Stone and the inventor of solidified remains. He is a product designer and entrepreneur based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Justin’s creative mission is to build rich experiences in the sterilized digital age.

We've been awarded a few incredible honors for our ground breaking technology.

Fast Company Magazine's World Changing Ideas Award, 2020

ICCFA KIP Award 2019 
The International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) has awarded us First Place KIP award in the “Most Innovative” category for our solidified remains technology. Each year the KIP (Keeping It Personal) Award recognizes the best new products and services in the cemetery, funeral service, and cremation profession.
“Folks want permanent memorialization of their loss but, sometimes, just don’t know what to do with a box of ashes,” says Larry Stuart Jr., CEO of Cremation Strategies & Consulting. “The idea that remains can be offered as stones is monumental.”

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