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We believe families should be able to feel a meaningful connection with the remains of their departed.

Many people want to feel a connection with the remains of their departed, but they can’t because they are returned in an uncomfortable granular form. This poor experience often results in remains being stashed away in our homes, out of sight, for decades. This detached relationship with one of our most treasured possessions is tragic. 

Solidified remains allow families to feel a meaningful connection with the people they’ve lost. Now, everyone in the family can remember in a way that is special to them. This solid form of remains is a platform for healing, growth, and engagement. 

Our loved ones deserve better than to be hidden away in a closet and solidified remains make it so that never has to happen again.

Solidified remains are a new form of human and pet remains. Instead of receiving ash following cremation, you can now receive stone-like remains.

Solidified remains are the full amount of human or animal remains returned to families in a solid and clean form. Each set of solidified remains is different and varies in color, texture, shape, size, and number of solids. Solidified remains are about as hard as real stones and will not disintegrate in water.

The color of the solidified remains is 100% natural. Many solids come out of our process white or a hue of blue or green, but we sometimes see radical variations like chocolate brown, lavender, honey, or blue speckles. The solids in each collection vary from the size of your thumbnail up to the size of your palm.

Solidified remains act and feel very much like normal river stones. The material is clean and permanent like ceramic. The solids will not dissolve in water or scratch with your fingernail. They will outlast us on Earth.

Our solidification process involves refining, forming, firing, and polishing...

The process of solidifying remains requires just a few basic steps following the cremation. After arriving at the Parting Stone lab, the full-amount of granular cremated remains are gently refined into powder. A small amount of binder is added to create a clay-like material from which the solids are formed. The solids are carefully placed into a kiln for solidification and then they are polished and returned to the family.  

Parting Stone’s solidified remains technology is patent pending.

The Parting Stone Lab is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We are a group of creatives with a passion for providing meaningful experiences. Our team operates with the highest level of professionalism and integrity while indulging in imagination and play. We do not create bandages that help horrible experiences feel better - we build positive solutions from the ground up. We are death curious.

Families can begin the solidification process now on our website or by visiting one of our 200+ partner funeral homes in the U.S. and Canada.

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Fast Company Magazine: World Changing Ideas Award

Fast Company Magazine awarded Parting Stone a World Changing Ideas Award in April 2020, for our new form of human and animal remains.

ICCFA: KIP Award 2019

The International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association (ICCFA) awarded Parting Stone the KIP award for innovation in March 2020.

“Folks want permanent memorialization of their loss but, sometimes, just don’t know what to do with a box of ashes,” says Larry Stuart Jr., CEO of Cremation Strategies & Consulting. “The idea that remains can be offered as stones is monumental.”

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