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About how much ash will we be receiving?
1/4 Cup (Minimum)
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We've reserved a spot for your remains in our lab!

We will mail a collection kit to retrieve your loved one's ashes when we are ready to begin processing.

We expect to ship your collection kit in 1 weeks.

Collection Kit
Ship Date

This is the date we expect to ship your collection kit to retrieve your loved one’s remains. If you take longer than 1 week to return the kit to us, then the Completion Date may be delayed.


This is the date we expect to ship your loved one home to you. This date may change based on the volume of orders we are processing at a given time.

*Sent USPS Priority Express

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the size, shape, number, texture, color, etc., is determined by many factors that are out of our control. Each set of remains is unique to the individual.
No, but we recommend that you do. Solidified remains are not a product. They are a new form of remains. You can scatter the stones, keep them in a container, and share them just like “ashes.” That said, you can send a partial amount - a minimum of 1/4 cup. We do not offer discounts for partial amounts of remains.
No, we do not offer discounts for partial amounts of remains because we charge for the process, not the quantity. Our process is designed to solidify the full amount of remains.
From the time we receive the ashes, the solidification process takes 8 weeks. Depending on our volume of orders at a given time, we may have a wait time before we send a collection kit to retrieve your loved one’s remains for processing. Our priority is the safety of your loved one, and we will always prioritize this over speed.
We add a small amount of natural binder to the remains to help the stones solidify during our process.
You can reach customer service by email at support@partingstone.com, by using the chat on the website, or by phone at 505-772-0634. Our office hours are M-F 8am-4pm MT.
Step 1

Step 1

We send a collection kit to retrieve your loved one’s ashes.

Step 2

Step 2

You send your loved one’s ashes to our lab.

Step 3

Step 3

We solidify the ashes into "stones."

Step 4

Step 4

We ship your loved one’s solidified remains home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews

Love my stones

Deborah R.
Matters to me

It means a lot to me to have something tangible of my husband to keep with me. The stones I received are beautiful - I keep one of them with me always.

Anne J.
Parting stones is a very fitting name for ashes made into stones/pebbles.

I had not heard of “Parting Stone” until I was at the mortuary after my husband’s death. My husband wanted to be cremated and while we were sitting in a waiting room my daughter and granddaughter noticed the information on “Parting Stone.” We read the information that was available and decided to use your services. We are planning to have a time together in which we go to the beach to toss some of the stones into the pacific ocean as requested by my husband. I thought anyone one who wants to write a short message on the stone could do so. All leftover stones will be available for family members as wanted.

Jean M.
Excellent service

This group keep me notified on the processing of the stones .. they came out beautiful & I’m looking forward to the day I can share them with the out of state family ..

Elise B.

Parting Stones was the perfect choice for my family. My husband had friends and family all over the world. Parting Stones has allowed everyone to have a “piece” of him as they keep him in their hearts.

Got Dad stoned one last time

And he looks great! I painted a few to put on my altar. I call em my Poprocks. Crazy to see a six foot man shaped down to 14 pounds of stones but hey man, dust in the wind and all that. It's the best service I've used that I hope not to use again anytime soon LOL

Heidi H.
Thank you

Thank you for making these beautiful stones from my husband's ashes. It took me a few months after I received them to be able to open the box. They are beautiful. We are planning to take some stones with us as we travel to places that meant a lot to us through the years. Your team was wonderful in answering my questions through this process. A special thank you to Liz and Ileana Thank you.

Ellen V.
My Parting Stone Experience

I had never known that turning remains into beautiful stones was even an option until I read about it in an article from my Insurance Company. My husband passed away a year and a half ago and I have had his ashes in a box trying to figure out what to do with them. I think ashes are a bit creepy and “spreading” them somewhere just did not sit well with me. When I read about what Parting Stone does, I knew immediately that is what I wanted to do. I could have some stones with me and share some with close family and friends. Well, I could not be happier with not only the beautiful stones, but with the amazing customer service Parting Stone provided from the moment I submitted a request, until after I received the beautiful stones. Every question I had was answered in detail and with tremendous respect. I was blown away by the continual communication as to what “stage” of the process Craig’s ashes were in. They were even able to complete the process earlier than anticipated, allowing me to share some of his stones as Christmas gifts. Seeing the reaction of loved ones who received these beautiful stones was priceless as it is giving all of us a tangible, beautiful way to keep a small part of Craig with us always. Thank you to everyone at Parting Stone who made this “journey” so special. P.S. I shared how impressed I was with my Funeral Director, Tonya Dunmore at Click Funeral Home Farragut Chapel. She had never heard of the process and was so impressed (especially after seeing the beautiful, finished stones) that she is now sending clients your way. Thank you again! Ellen VandeLune


I am so appreciative of the thoughtful process and care shown from the very beginning to the arrival of the stones. Making ashes into something tangible I can hold or carry with me makes my loved one’s presents even more clearer. It means the world to me❣️Thank you so much, Roxann from Ohio

Lynn S.

I lost my son in December 2021. My husband noticed the stones when we were planning and asked if I wanted to do this as well. The stones came in a bag with his name beautifully written. I thought of putting the stones somewhere but I ended up keeping them in the bag. I keep it with me almost all the time. I hold them often. I find it very comforting.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average person is 40-80+ stones. The exact number of stones returned depends on the volume of remains provided. A good rule of thumb is that we will return a similar volume of solidified remains’ stones as the volume of ashes that we receive. In other words, 1 quart of ashes will return about 1 quart of stones.
No, each person’s remains are the unique result of our solidification process. The number, shape, color, and size of the stones vary from person to person.We cannot accommodate any customization requests.
The solidification lead time varies depending on our current order volume. For new orders, our current estimated wait time to begin the process is 1 weeks and our current estimated completion date for orders placed today is 70 days. We recommend placing your order as soon as possible to reserve your spot in line.
We always prioritize the safekeeping of the decedents in our care over speed.
Yes. We accept alkaline hydrolysis remains, also known as “water cremation” or “Aquamation,” for both pets and people. Please indicate in your order notes if your loved one or pet’s disposition method was alkaline hydrolysis.
1. We mail a collection kit to retrieve 100% of your loved one’s cremated remains.
2. We remove impurities like metals and implants.
3. The ash is turned into a clay-like material, and the stones are formed.
4. The remains are heated in a kiln, solidifying the ashes into stones.
5. Finished solidified remains are polished and returned home.
Yes! Solidified remains are perfect for scattering comfortably without the mess of conventional ashes.
No, solidified remains are similar to ceramic, and they will not dissolve in water. The stones are perfect for memorial gardens or scattering.
Solidified remains are a complete alternative to conventional ash and we encourage families to send the full amount of remains available. We need a minimum of ¼ cup of ash for the solidification process.

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