We understand that the way we honor and remember our departed loved ones is deeply personal. In our continuous effort to provide meaningful and respectful ways to cherish those memories, we are excited to introduce two innovative products: the Parting Stone Sharing Box and the STAY Display Container. These offerings are designed with solidified remains in mind, ensuring that the memory of your loved ones is preserved with dignity and beauty.

For a Single Stone: The Parting Stone Sharing Box

The Parting Stone Sharing Box is an elegantly crafted solution for those who wish to keep a single stone close in a way that is both meaningful and respectful. Perfect for sharing with loved ones, this box is designed to showcase the stone prominently.

Design and Functionality

Each Sharing Box is handcrafted in the U.S.A. from high-quality Baltic Birch plywood, known for its strength and beautiful grain. The wood is finished with a non-toxic, vegan wax, lending a modern industrial look to the box. The dynamic design includes a custom-engraved lid that proudly displays the name and living dates of your loved one. When opened, the lid transforms into a stand that props the box at an angle, perfect for displaying the stone within.

Practical Considerations

Recognizing that families often share these stones among relatives, Parting Stone offers the Sharing Box in discounted sets of four or ten. This makes it easier to distribute these meaningful keepsakes among family members, ensuring that everyone has a part of their loved one to treasure.

Parting Stone Sharing Box

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For Multiple Stones: The STAY Display Container

For families who have chosen to keep the full amount of remains at home, the STAY Display Container offers an elegant way to store and display the full collection. This product is the first of its kind, designed specifically for holding and showcasing solidified remains.

Parting Stone Solidified Remains Stay Container Urn

Capacity and Materials

The STAY Display Container can house approximately 50 stones inside, with a capacity to display an additional 5-10 on its sleek, red oak wood top. Each container is crafted from solid red oak and white powder-coated aluminum, providing a durable yet attractive housing for your cherished stones. Like the Sharing Box, the red oak components are finished with a non-toxic, vegan wax, ensuring the container is safe and environmentally friendly.

Aesthetic and Use

The design of the STAY Display Container is thoughtful and refined, making it a suitable addition to any home décor. It allows families to keep their loved one's memory alive in a collective display, offering a daily reminder of their presence in a tasteful and touching manner.

Parting Stone Solidified Remains Stay Container Urn

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Both the Parting Stone Sharing Box and the STAY Display Container represent our commitment to innovation in the deathcare industry. By considering the specific needs of those who choose solidification, these products provide families with thoughtful ways to remember and honor their loved ones. We are proud to offer these new options, helping you to commemorate and celebrate the lives of those you hold dear in a dignified and loving way.