What is Parting Stone?

Parting Stone is a company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our service provides a complete alternative to cremated remains called solidified remains. Instead of receiving "ashes" following cremation, your family will receive a collection of stone-like remains.

How Much Does Solidification Cost?





Infant/Child $295

















How long does the process take?

Our process takes on average 8 weeks to complete once the cremated remains arrive at our lab.

Do you cremated the body?

Parting Stone does not perform cremations. We work closely with funeral homes and crematories to provide a remains-solidification service.

How do we ensure the integrity of the remains in our care?

We will send an email each time the remains reach a new transfer point, from the moment your loved one arrives at our lab up to when they are returned to you. Every order is processed 100% individually. If you placed your order through a funeral home, they will receive the email updates.

Can I scatter solidified remains?

Yes. We recommend that you follow the same guidelines that pertain to scattering cremated remains. Please check local regulations to determine where you are allowed to scatter respectfully.

How much ash do I need to send?

We solidify the entire amount of cremated remains into stones. If you do not have the full amount or have already scattered some of the ash, that is okay, we need a minimum of 1⁄4 cup to complete the process.

I only have half of the remains, can I get a discount?

We do not offer discounts for partial amounts. Our flat-rate pricing is based on the solidification process from start to finish. Regardless of the amount of cremated remains, the process is the same.

What do you add to the cremated remains?

We add a small amount of organic binder to ensure the cremated remains successfully solidify into stones.

How much of the remains are lost during the process?

There is a small amount of remains lost during the process - less than 5%.

Is this process environmentally friendly?

There are no harsh chemicals used or harmful emissions produced during the solidification process, but it does take energy to heat our kilns. It takes as much energy to create a single coffee cup as it does to solidify a full set of remains.

How do you form the stones?

First, the cremated remains are refined and turned into a clay-like material. From there the solids are formed and heated in a kiln. Finally, the solidified remains are cleaned, polished, and returned to your funeral home.

How do you refine the remains into powder?

We refine the remains into a powder using a mill in which each set of remains has a dedicated sealed container.

Can you solidify alkaline hydrolysis remains?

At this time we do not offer the solidification process for remains resulting from alkaline hydrolysis. We are working on perfecting this process, and we expect to offer this service soon.

What is the typical size of a stone?

Solidified remains vary in size from the size of a thumbnail up to the size of your palm.

How hard are the stones?

Solidified remains are about the same hardness as a ceramic coffee mug. If you drop a stone on concrete it probably won’t break, but if you throw it at concrete it will.

Do solidified remains dissolve in water?

No, they act very much like a normal stone and will not disintegrate in water. They will outlast us on Earth.

What affects the color and texture?

At this time we are not sure what impacts the color and texture of solidified remains. We have many ideas however, nothing has been proven.

My family wants to solidify remains that are 10+ years old. Is there a shelf life to cremated remains?

There is no shelf life for cremated remains, we can solidify them no matter their age.

Can I pick the number, size, color, or shape of the solidified remains?

No. Solidified remains are the result of a process and we do not offer personalization. We deliver a beautiful collection of stones with a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. Each set of solidified remains is unique to the individual.

Can I get the stone engraved?

We do not currently offer that service.

Can you split my family's solidified remains and ship to multiple people?

No, but we do offer extra boxes for a small fee so you can separate the stones for your family.

If I send you the cremated remains in an urn, will you send it back to us?

Yes! We're happy to return your urn. Additionally, if you do not wish to recieve it back we are working with Missing in America Project, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation whose mission is to locate, identify, and inter the unclaimed cremains of American veterans.

My family wants to commingle their parents to be solidified. Can you do that?

Yes. We offer one commingled order per "black box" or temporary urn. An additional order is required if the commingled material is greater than one black box. All names should be listed on the order form and listed on the Solidification Authorization (for wholesale partners). Please commingle the remains before shipping them to our laboratory and label them clearly.

Where should the remains be shipped for solidification?

Once the order is appropriately packed with the solidification authorization included, please ship using USPS Priority Express. For our address contact Customer Service at 505-772-0634 or support@partingstone.com

What is the Parting Stone Promise?

In connection with your purchase of Solidified Remains from Parting Stone Inc., we hereby make the following covenants and warranties:

 Return to Cremated Remains/Refund Guarantee.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the solidified remains created by our service, provided you return us 100% of such solidified remains, we will return the remains to an ash-like powder and refund your purchase price. Applicable shipping fees will be deducted from your refund. You may request a full refund at any point within one year of receiving the solidified remains and including during the waiting period before you receive the Collection Kit.

100% Individual Batch Processing.  We will never mix remains – each order is processed individually.

Step-by-Step Process Tracking.  We track each order digitally.  Our customers will receive emails sent at designated steps throughout the process including the transportation and transformation of remains.

Where can I find more information?

Please email support@partingstone.com, or call our office at 505-772-0634 (open M-F 9-5 MT). Or fill out the form below.


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