Whether you're celebrating with Mom this Mother's Day, honoring her memory, or mourning her absence, all of us at Parting Stone hope your day is filled with peace and happiness. In honor of all the Moms who are no longer with us, we're sharing a few of the letters we've received from folks who chose Parting Stone to memorialize their Mothers.

"I lost my mom unexpectedly in July. I always said she was my rock, so I knew instantly this was the perfect thing. I can now bring her offshore with me and wherever we want to travel to. Thank you so much for working so hard for us to be able to have her with us. All our love and appreciation"


"Thank you so very much for your attention to detail in handling our mother's cremains and creating these heartfelt Parting Stones. This wonderful gift will provide our family a loving peace"


"Thank you for taking care of our mom's ashes. Her stones turned out so beautiful!"


"Thank you so much for your care in helping bring my mother's remains back to her family. We sat together and took them each out and held them. It is precious to each of us to have a tangible piece of our mother. Nothing takes away the loss and the pain, but these stones bring us comfort. Thank you for that.


"Happy Holidays to you. Thank you so much for what you do. My mom's stones are so beautiful & will be perfect for a fountain to remember her. I have shared Parting Stone with others so they can keep their loved ones with them too."



"Wanted to thank you for sending me the Parting Stones. It gives me the feeling of my mom being still at home with us - to touch & caress & hold tight to my heart is a wonderful feeling. I'm able to carry the smaller of the stones with me everywhere. Thank you for handling "Mom" ever so gently. My Mom was so loved by everyone. These stones are beautiful and soft to the touch just like mom"


"Thank you for the stones of my mom. With Covid, I wasn't able to say bye or see her for several months because her nursing home was on lockdown since February. Getting these stones means I can now say "bye" to my mom in my own time. Her life was cut short due to multiple sclerosis. Thank you so much"


"On the first birthday of my mother since she passed late last year, I was lead to your article on your company and the great service it provides (she lead me there!) It was a very emotional moment when I received your package. She is so very beautiful in this form, much as she was during her life on this planet. I am in the process of moving myself out to Santa Fe, which will also be home to her. It has brought me great peace"


"Thank you for caring for my Mom's ashes. The stones will be a part of my brother and sister's lives. We live so far apart and this was a perfect way for all of us to keep a part of her. Parting Stones - What a blessing!


"I can't tell you how impressed I am with all of you at Parting Stone. From my first phone call for information to me last text from you telling me that my mom's stones were on their way, I felt like you were a dear friend. When I received the text on Dec. 19 that the stones were out for delivery, I cried. My mom would be home for Christmas! My mom was a rock collector. The only souvenir she ever wanted from a trip was a rock. So, thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for your caring and compassion and for making my mom into a precious remembrance. Gratefully,"